Parent Night / Coalition Meeting Tuesday October 30th 5:30-6:30pm!

Featuring guest speaker Kara Gross from Evolve Drug Rehabilitation Center in Camarillo.

When: Tuesday, October 30th 2018

Location: 5800 S. Rosa Rd. #112 (Behind Bank of America)

Time: 5:30-6:30 pm

Kara Gross will be speaking about  Evolve’s programs including their FREE parent support group. Do not miss this opportunity to stay up to date with Saving Lives activities and help plan for future success!

Parent Education Night

Camarillo Public Library

March 21, 2017

Guest speakers from Rabbi Lang, Honorable Judge Brian Back, Carolyn Hall, and Senior Deputy Virginia Tinoco. Thank you to everyone who attended, this event was to inform parents what they need to know to keep their children safe from the Legalization of Marijuana and other substances.

Laurie Jackson, Jan McDonald, Rabbi Lang


This is a picture of some of our officers who are Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trained in Ventura County.  CIT officers will respond to individuals who are in crisis as a result of a mental disorder, and shall assess and assist those individuals in the most effective and compassionate manner possible.  Most crisis have an origin of some type of substance abuse within the family.  We are lucky to have so many qualified officers on our force.

Pledge drive

We had a parent pledge drive in October.  Over 180 parents signed the pledge to be more active in talking with their kids about drugs and alcohol.

We had 3 prize awarded at our Meeting in November.  Hannah Foote won a trip to Santa Barbara for Lunch.  Here is the amazing flight her and her husband Darin took Last week.

They are the proud parents of 5 children all going to School’s in Camarillo, California.  Thank you to SafeLaunch Healthy Futures for their donation of this beautiful trip!

Red Ribbon Week

We got the opportunity  to take a few speakers who are in recovery to Camarillo High School last Thursday, Red Ribbon Week is about the commitment to be drug free. Many students picked up parent pledge cards and bracelets to signify they are to smart to start.

Thank you Mayor Mike Morgan for the awesome booth at our Fiesta this last year!

We were so excited to have hundreds of locals stop by to find out more about us!


Reality Party for Parents


    Rancho Campana High School Sobriety Club  hands out information at school’s Club Rush

Services To The Community

Ben Cort- Speaker at Town Hall Meeting on April 20th

Cort headshot 2015Ben’s passion for recovery, prevention and harm reduction comes from his own struggle with substance abuse. Sober since 6/15/96, Ben has been a part of the recovery community in almost every way imaginable; from a recipient to a provider to a spokesperson, Cort has a deep understanding of the issues and a personal motivation to see the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse minimized.

In 2007 Ben left his position as a HR director inside of a Denver based S&P 500 firm to help start the Colorado based nonprofit, Phoenix Multisport (PM). As an original board member and then their first full time employee, Ben was instrumental in building this organization that has received frequent national recognition for their innovative approach to building sober communities around sport and healthy activities.

Ben joined the drug policy conversation at the national level in 2012 after leaving PM to be a part of the “No on 64” Campaign. Following the passage of A64 he has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) As well as NALGAP (the National Association of Lesbian, Gay, and transgender Treatment Providers). Ben’s passion about the intersection of recovery and public policy makes him frequent guest in the media.

Ben is now the Director of Professional Relations for CeDAR, a world-class center for residential addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment in Aurora, CO a service line of the University of Colorado Hospital.

Click to learn more about the contest we held! Winners will be announced at the Town Hall Meeting!

leaflet contest 3

Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign

Parents Who Host Lose The Most

On October 8, 2014 we launched our Parents Who Host Lose the Most (PWH) Campaign.  This public awareness program is designed to educate communities, especially parents, about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties.

Through our program we bring information about Camarillo’s Social Host Ordinance to the public.  We also share important information about the risks adolescent drinkers take – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

While sharing this information at every opportunity, we particularly bring our information to venues where families go:  grocery stores, religious institutions, community events and schools.  We also make sure to disseminate this information during celebratory times for youth such as Homecoming, holidays, prom, and graduation for these events are when underage drinking parties often occur.

Finally, we go the extra mile to bring this message to those in the community who greatly need it.  With the support of the Camarillo Police Department, we print and distribute door hangars with information about the Social Host Ordinance to neighborhoods in which there have been teenage drinking parties.  These neighbors now have easily accessible information about how to report the parties.

This program encourages parents and the entire community to send a unified message that teen alcohol consumption is unhealthy, unsafe, illegal and unacceptable.  In brief our message is “Don’t be a party to teenage drinking!”

If you belong to a group who would like a free presentation on our PWH Campaign, please contact our coalition coordinator at

Services To The Youth

Social Norm Campaign

It is often said to young people, ‘If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you too?’  Parents are known to ask this because they are aware that children are heavily influenced by their peer group.   A social norm campaign utilizes this tendency to help young people become aware that their peers are typically NOT using alcohol or other illegal substances.

Saving Lives Camarillo has provided a yearlong social norm campaign called “Actuality” within the Adolfo Camarillo High School.  Beginning in the spring semester of 2014-2015 and continuing for two semesters, the coalition will be delivering a social norm campaign entitled “The Real Deal” to the Monte Vista Middle School as well.

To begin the campaign, a school-wide survey is taken to determine a baseline of student use and attitude.    Behavioral questions involve the use of tobacco, marijuana, other drugs, alcohol as well as abusing prescription medication.  Youth are further asked about how and where these substances are gotten.

Attitudinal questions revolve around their feelings about school, the community and home.  Values are determined by questions about violence, truancy, lying, stealing, bullying, as well as schoolwork and school in general.

The work then begins!  The Real Deal Facilitator, a teacher, and the Director of Saving Lives Camarillo will begin weekly interactions with a group of youth from the school.  First, the young people are educated about the ‘norms’ of their school.  Next, the group and leaders begin a campaign to educate their peers.  This effort takes a variety of forms – posters, competitions, videos, Facebook interactions, etc. – whatever the youth group determines will be the most effective to get the word out.

During the process group members learn leadership and communication skills.  Their different talents in the areas of speaking, art, and marketing are exercised as well.

Towards the end of the second semester, a second survey is conducted with the identical questions.  An impact study will determine if the youth have different use patterns as well as new opinions and values.

Responsible youth leading youth – the result of a social norm campaign!


Educating The Public

We believe it is vital to provide as much information to the public about how to protect our youth. Therefore, we take advantage of every opportunity to provide both written materials as well as presentations at no cost. Here are some examples of previous efforts.

Area Schools

We have an active presence at area middle and high school Back to School evenings as well as Open Houses. There we distribute a great deal of written materials at no cost to parents.
We also believe in working directly with youth. We have been involved at both Adolfo Camarillo High School and Monte Vista Middle School. We bring up-to-date information to help these local youth make good choices in the areas of chemical use. Bringing in recovering youth as well as parents helps to bring the message home.


We try to reach the public is as many ways as possible. We have an active Facebook presence. We also have been featured on City Scene, the city of Camarillo’s television station twice as well as having been featured on Leisure Village’s television station. We have further spoken on a local radio station about our ‘Parents Who Host’ campaign. We are also planning a presentation in Spanish to a local Spanish radio station. Finally, we sponsored a public service announcement at Camarillo’s Roxy Theater for 3 months.

Area Meetings

We hold monthly Coalition meetings and frequently bring in speakers at no cost to the community. Most recently we heard from Detective Gunnar Dike of the Camarillo Police Department as well as Dr. Tina Givrad, a researcher in the area of adolescent brain development. Soon a mother who lost her child to a Heroin incident and who is the chapter president of ‘Not One More’ will be our speaker.

We have monthly Parent Task Force meetings as well as monthly Youth Task Force meetings. The community is invited to participate in any of these.

Community Organizations

We have spoken to area civic organizations as well as church groups.

Please consider us for your next meeting. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with your group.