A Quiet Moment

“My students beg for it. They have been far more able to deal with all emotions and to better manage stress and anxiety after practicing a quiet moment. I think every classroom would benefit from it.”
3rd grade teacher

What is a Quiet Moment?

A Quiet Moment is a 60 second period at the onset of the school day for students to silently focus and reflect on a positive value shared by their parent or guardian.

Why the Quiet Moment?

A Quiet Moment

It is well known that strong and positive family bonds as well as the involvement of parents in the lives of their children are protective factors against youth substance abuse. https://bit.ly/ParentProtectiveFactors

A Quiet Moment connects the school, student, and parent while sending a message to the student that their family values are an essential component of their general education.

Schools have reported that children who participate in A Quiet Moment display improved grades and behavior. It has decreased anxiety, bullying, and depression, all of which are contributing factors to substance abuse.

Implement A Quiet Moment into your children’s day and advocate for your children’s school to do so too.


Sit down with your child. Share with them the values you cherish. Give them the gift of the positive reflection you decide upon.

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