Prom Safety

Remember your prom experience? While some things have changed, other pressures are exactly the same. Many adolescents go to the prom with someone they don’t know well, or know only as a classmate or friend. And, since most prom activities are often un-chaperoned, many teens may feel pressured to engage in inappropriate behavior with their prom date.

Many teens will use alcohol and/or drugs to cope with the stresses they face during prom night. In addition, the use of these substances can cause relaxation, loss of inhibitions and altered perceptions. It can also cause them to make questionable choices and get involved in other behaviors that put their health and safety at risk.


Throughout the year, get educated about the current drug trends in your community

    • Talk to the guidance personnel at your school or Student Assistance Counselor
    • Gain a perspective from Parent Teacher Association (PTA) representatives
    • Attend educational workshops that address the issues young people face with and alcohol and other drug use
    • Continue to discuss the dangers of adolescent drinking and drug use
    • Pinpoint medical emergencies, such as alcohol poisoning
    • Reinforce that they should get help if a friend is in trouble
    • Stress that they should tell an adult immediately if someone has lost consciousness
    • If they are hesitant to notify an adult, tell them to call POISON Control for anonymous advice: